The search for Good Hair

A quick follow-up to previous posts:
While my Lauren Hutton purchase was the ultimate disappointment, I have found two superb alternates. Avon Planet Spa Napa Valley Body Polisher - This scrub is great, it smells like white grape juice and it feels great. I also love Bliss The Love Handler - this firming serum feels so good going on and drys very quickly so getting dressed is no problem.
The Hair Tonic I won: The scent reminds me of my Grandmother, I'm not sure why, but it smells like her bathroom. It volumizes well, I just like a little so my hair isn't flat to my head. I like mousse better, but some days I don't feel like having the stickiness on my hands and this is a great alternative.

My hair has been very dry lately and the problem is with my shampoo and conditioner. My research (a.k.a. online shopping) for products based on natural ingredients for colored and dry hair has got me debating on three different S&C sets: Korres Sunflower & Vitamin E Shampoo and Silk Milk Conditioner, Phtyojoba and Phtyosesame, and Ojon Shine & Protect. After picking these three, I did the hair consultation quiz on Beauty.com and these were the three recommended for me. Now I just need to try them out and see which ones are the best.

I bought the Phyto Dry Hair Set To Go from Sephora and used it last night. The Phtyojoba poured out of the bottle really fast so I ended up with some crazy lather. Good to know that a little goes a long way. I love the subtle coconut scent. I finished with the phytojoba mask and then Phyto 7 leave-in conditioner. After air drying for a bit and blow drying, I couldn't believe how soft my hair felt. There are still plenty of individual nasty coarse hairs, but when I pull it together in a pony tail it feels so lush. The one thing I don't like about Phyto is that they only use leave-in conditioners.

Any thoughts on the Korres and Ojon? I am trying to hunt down some trial sizes so I can test all the products before buying full size bottles - know where to find some cheap?

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Happy Homemaker said...

Sorry I'm not any help! But I love hearing your reviews!

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