Blast from the Past

There is only one thing worse than having to work on a Federal Holiday: Not having any mail to come home too :(.

So, another day without my Lucky, but the hubbs told me I got a package. Hmm, I tracked all of the packages I have coming this morning and nothing is out for delivery today. Well I check the return address on the box and it says "Garren New York". Hair care I never ordered? Wait, no!! It can't be the Allure product that I won - Last DECEMBER.

Oh yes, that's right. Check out this post from March were I mention that I am waiting for my surprise gift.

They need to change 12 weeks to 12 MONTHS. Seriously, a year? WTF?!?!

So anyway, the product is Designing Spray Tonic. Another lie Allure told, my product was worth $50+. This goes for $26.

It is supposed to add volume: if it's really good or bad, I'll let you know

1 comment:

Shannon said...

How'd that product finally work out?
Just wanted you to know that I tagged you, so go read my blog and you'll see what you need to do...

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