Secret Affair

For my manicure this weekend I used my new Essie Secret Affair and I'm a little sad :(
I really love the way this color looks, but it is a bit too warm for my skin tone. I'll have to console myself with how much I love Hi Maintenance and remember that I also have all of the other new colors from the other salon lines to try out.

Hopefully I can pass this polish on to a friend whose skin tone it will complement.
So Long Secret Affair, I'm sorry it didn't work out.


Beauty in Chelsea said...

Have you tried Tea and Crumpets by Essie? It's a pinkish-gold nude. It might be a better match with your skin tone. My mother will only wear this color, and it always looks polished and elegant. View my beauty reviews at http://www.beautyinchelsea.com

Heather said...

Tea and Crumpets was actually one of the first colors I tried when I began my Essie quest. Unfortunately, I also found that color to be a bit off for me.

Happy Homemaker said...

That looks like my kind of color! So pretty! Sorry it didn't work for you...

I'm going private for now so if you'd like an invitation, just email me at preppypinkgreen@yahoo.com

glenisha said...

Essie Secret Affair Nail Polish is part of the new Essie Confections of Affection Collection, which contains six new shades that are light and luscious. Sweet gets sassy, pink turns perky and pastels show their passionate side, a special treat to get you in the mood for spring.

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