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All of the articles on combating winter skin issues were never of any real use to me. Bring on the cold!! My skin stays fine.

That was the case, until this year. All of a sudden - I'm dry and itchy and I don't like it. Plus I do not have an arsenal of products to protect me. Only the bits I have gleaned over the past years and my general obsession with all products, has prepared me to find products to correct and protect. And I would like to share two fab products:

Caudalie (are you surprised?) Gentle Cleanser is a light creamy cleanser that removes all makeup and impurities. Obviously it smells and feels awesome, but the best part is that after you rinse it off your skin doesn't feel dry - it actually feels like you just moisturized - all because of the amazing ingredients:
grape-seed polyphenols (OPC)
cornflower water
oat milk
sweet almond and jojoba oils, shea butter
coriander, sweet lime, lemon, guaiac wood, sweet orange, vetiver, sandalwood and hybrid lavender...

The bottle is huge so it will last you all winter and well into spring.

The other product is Ahava Dermut Intensive Hand Cream. My hands, especially my nails and cuticles, have been painfully dry and cracked. I try to heal them, but it's really hard for me to resist picking at them. I was looking in my draw-o-goodies for something this morning and I came across a sample packet of this cream. After one use I am hooked. It felt so good going on, deeply moisturizing, and I also felt it was protecting my hands from further damage. There is also a foot and a body cream in the same line.

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