And Then There Was One

Yes, my search is complete. I bought my full-size product today.

The Korres Shampoo/Ojon Conditioner miracle day was a total fluke. All three days I gave it failed to live up to the first time. And while got the Ojon to work well, my hair needs a lot and it is too expensive to be running through so fast.

And when I paired the Korres Shampoo with it's counterpart, it still left me wanting a bit more.

So it was the Ojon Shine and Protect Shampoo that consistently left my hair feeling good and looking shiny. This product didn't stand up and scream "I'm awesome", and since I like me some loud products, I wasn't giving it enough credit. But through my whole search it remained consistent. Always shiny, always soft, manageable and poof-free. I had bought a full-size bottle of the Korres Silk Milk (which was the winning conditioner and my early favorite) since a sample didn't seem to exist. So now I am set.

Both of my rejects: Korres S & Ojon C, have half of the product remaining, and I am curious to test them again after I use my selected products for a good while.

Friday I am off to my family for the holidays until New Year's Eve. I'll be enjoying my new products, but being away from home doesn't allow for proper testing....

So, when I return, I'll begin testing leave-in conditioners. I have my little tube of phyto 7 and I got a sephora made sample of phyto 9. Next time I am in sephora I'll get some phytosesame and anything else my "research" finds so that I can do a thorough testing. I'm leaning heavily on Phyto b.c leave-ins seem to be their thing, but I would like to have some other brands tested as well.

Enjoy your Holidays.

See you next year with my Fab Hair!!!


Happy Homemaker said...

You are hilarious! I may have to try this, though!

Anonymous said...

loves it!!! its actually an amazing product too! you should check out www.reenrunway.com i just ordered two bracelets and OMG its like amazing, afordable accessories that are wayy too cute!! the unicorn bangles omg omg! i thought id let you know!

The Mrs. said...

I want to see a picture!

Afterglow Cosmetics said...

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